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About Us

Established in 2022, Able to Play is an inclusive community-based sports and social program for children with disabilities.

Kirsten and Ingrid, who founded Able to Play, have been friends since they were in school. They both enjoy playing team sports and studied in health-related fields at university. They have experienced the social and physical benefits of being part of a sports community. Now, as parents themselves, they have seen how important it is for families to have access to community sports programs.

Kirsten and Ingrid have worked in different jobs in the public, private and not for profit sectors. Through this work, they realised there were not enough group sports that included children with disabilities. This became even more important to them, as they both have friends and family who have children with disabilities and struggle to find accessible programs. This inspired Kirsten and Ingrid to create Able to Play.

The Team

Kirsten and Ingrid are passionate about making sure children with disabilities have the chance to play sports and have fun. You and your child are in skilled hands, with 30 years of experience between them.



Director / Occupational Therapist

Kirsten graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) and more recently has completed a Graduate Certificate in Health Management. Kirsten has over 13 years’ experience working with children as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of settings including major children’s hospitals, community health centres and in schools.  She has also worked as a senior Occupational Therapist in a world-renowned children’s hospital in London, England. Over the past five years Kirsten has provided an exceptional level of care to children as a Case Manager and has managed a team of clinicians as a Neuro-Rehabilitation Manager, coordinating intensive outpatient rehabilitation programs. Kirsten is also dedicated to the next generation of Occupational Therapists, teaching students at one of the leading universities in Sydney.

Kirsten has a passion for working with children with disabilities and helping them to maximise their potential and participate in the community. Kirsten has led and established many individual and group programs as an occupational therapist and always values families as partners in care. She has worked with a wide variety of children and young people who are neurodiverse and has first-hand experience of the challenges these children face in accessing sport. Kirsten loves nothing more than seeing her clients achieve goals they never thought possible.



Director / Registered Psychologist

Ingrid graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), and more recently completed her Masters and PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology, with a focus on paediatrics. She has over 12-years’ experience in research and clinical practice and has expertise with a wide range of neurodiverse groups including autism and cerebral palsy. She has worked for leading research institutes at universities across Australia, including for the largest research institute and service provider for cerebral palsy in Australia. Here, she leads numerous research projects aimed at improving outcomes for children and young people with cerebral palsy and remains at the forefront of advancements in evidence-based intervention. Prior to this, she worked at an International School in Italy as a support teacher, educating children one-on-one. Clinically, she has worked as a consultant undertaking assessments for a leading paediatric developmental follow up clinic in Australia, and privately as an autism behaviour therapist supporting children and families both in their home and in the community to achieve their goals.

Through her work, Ingrid has developed and run group interventions, obtained national competitive grant funding, published in international peer reviewed journals, presented at international conferences, and developed a reputation as a leading clinician researcher in her field both nationally and internationally. She has seen the unique barriers faced by children with disability accessing group activities in the community and the compounding effects of these on psychological and social well-being. Ingrid is excited to work with families to provide these opportunities and bring fun and connectedness back into the therapy space.

Kirsten and Ingrid look forward to welcoming you into their community.