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Our Purpose

Group sport and activities with other children is a great way to learn and practice new skills, while having fun. Sometimes, children with disabilities don’t always get these same chances. At Able to Play we’re changing this by celebrating each child’s unique strengths and helping them build skills that will benefit them for life.

Our programs are different to traditional individual therapy. We work with your child to develop skills in a group. This is often more fun and motivating, and helps children to learn different skills than they will when working one-on-one. It also gives them a chance to make friends and connect with others outside of childcare or school.

Our Values


Your child and family are at the centre of what we do. We respect each child’s uniqueness and individuality.


We create opportunities for fun, belonging and purpose for children, families, and staff. We strive to create happiness.


We offer services with integrity. We offer professional services, based on our experience and evidence informed practice.